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The Other Kyngdoms (5E)

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The Other Kyngdoms (5E)
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Overdog's latest 5E campaign.

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Post Character Generation Reply with quote

27 point buy per the Player's Handbook

Classes Allowed:

All including the alternate Ranger from the Unearthed Arcana. ( ).

Allowed Races:

All except Dragonborn, Aasimar, Tiefling and Eladrin.

Bonus Race:


Mongrols (dog soldiers) are hyena headed, wretched humanoids who wander the plains of Arrasia in tribal packs.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2, and your Constitution score increases by 1.

Age. Mongrols are short lived and rarely live longer than 30 years but this is mostly due to their savage lifestyle.

Alignment. Mongrols have a tendency towards evil, but many of them end up pursuing mercenary lifestyles and then learn towards chaotic neutral or true neutral. Mongrol shock troops are a staple in any successful mercenary company.

Size. They are massive, typically standing around 7 feet tall and weighing between 275 and 325
lbs. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet.

Perseverance: They have advantage on Constitution checks for forced marches.

Natural Tracker: Mongrols have advantage on any roll involving scent, including tracking.

Nomadic: You gain proficiency in the Survival skill.

Filth Resistance. Due to their lifestyle, Mongrols are accustomed to living in squalled conditions and therefor get advantage on rolls vs disease.

Languages. You can speak Common and speak, read, and write Mongrol.
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Post General Overview Reply with quote
Playtime: Mondays from 6:30-7 to 10 PM EST. We will be using Roll20 so PM me your email in Roll20 so I can invite you to the campaign and setup your tokens so you can build your character in there. For those who are local you can come over to my place (really close to Tony's) or play remotely and we will be using Team Speak for voice. Here is the address of my server: and it doesnt require a password.

Each of you will either be part of or subjected to the will of a criminal organization called The Third Eye. They are a worldwide crime syndicate and each of your backgrounds will have some tie into the organization. You will be connected in one of three ways.

1. Willing member of the Third Eye
2. Servant/Slave of the Third Eye
3. Unwilling/blackmailed participant in their operations.

As I said classes wont be restricted but if you play a lawful good character or a paladin or priest of a good cleric expect to be challenged intially. In fact if someone does make a good priest or paladin I have a good story background and plot point for them. Also note your allegiance to this organization is up to the characters. Initially it will be a tool to gather the party together. After that it is up to you all how you want to proceed.

We will be using the setting of The Kyngdoms ( ) and if you want to choose a deity you can select from the pantheon in the link or from any other following 1st Ed AD&D pantheons:

Melnibonean (Elric)
Nehwon (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser)

TeamSpeak 3 server info:

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Last night's summary.

The party is desperate to continue Ellavorn's quest to reach the temple of The Whisperer of Impossible Secrets they must first wait for Ellavorn to recover from the Corpsespinner's poison, rout a nest of orcs and return the Mongrelmen Chief Sul's son Laan from the clutches of the orcs. As they set out from the Mongrelmen's cave complex they question their ability to survive the desolate landscape of the Steppes of Eris. Even if they can route the orcs, bring back Laan and find a way through the blue crystal door and get to the lost temple what will that achieve. Ellavorn has not revealed what secrets may lie there and how they will help in his cause to bring down The Third Eye but they hope he will assuming he survives the poison.

As they approach the orc lair they can see a set of stone steps leading up to a reinforced wooded door in the cliff face. They see this approach as not ideal and search around for other options and quickly find a large cave with a small stream meandering out of it and decide to investigate it first. Inside they find a 10x10 wooden platform hanging 15 feet off the ground suspended by a chain to goes up through a hole in the ceiling to a chamber above but before they can investigate they are attacked by an angry cave bear and manage to defeat the creature without too much trouble. As they investigate the cave they find a broken dagger and a sheath for the dagger that is inlaid in precious gems which Abscondias tucks into his belt for "safe keeping". After a short rest they decide to try and find a way to climb up the chain on the platform. They are able to toss a rope over the platform and Lyra climbs up to the platform and again up the chain with the help of inspiring words from Eldrin. As she gets to the top she sees a small cave with a single exit and a winch for the chain. She hears voices up the chambers exit but signals for two of the party to get on the platform so she can winch them up. Abscondias and Joran get on as Lyra reels them up but the mechanism is so loud that two orcs come to investigate but the platform is still 20 feet from the top. As one orcs battles Lyra she winches them up but they need to jump from the platform to the cave floor and Abscondias attempts this first but slips and falls off the platform 30 feet to the cave floor below, critically wounded but still alive. After Joran leaps from the platform Lyra drops the platform to the bottom not realizing Abscondias is directly below it and he is crushed by the platform and knocked unconscious. Immediately after this Eldrin and Findor see a flash of light below the platform that Abscondias is pinned under and a moment later he crawls out still wounded but conscious somehow. The fight continues above and soon the orcs are dispatched and the group is all brought up to the cave.

After scouting the complex (and Abscondius assassinating a sentry) the group engages the main force of orcs in a large cave and is doing very well thanks to a silence spell covering the sounds of the battle when an Ogre ally sees the combat and enters the fray. The Ogre and the orcs are defeated and they find the Chief's son Laan tied up in the Ogre's cave. Shortly after releasing him they are set upon by two hungry wolves and the Orc Warchief whose Axe almost removes Abscondius's head from his shoulders before he is run through by Findor. Their loot includes a magical ring of protection +1, several hundred gold pieces, and they find out that the jeweled scabbard that Abscondius is carrying is also magical is called a Scabbard of Hope and 1/day will immediately heal the possessor 1d6 when brought below zero hit points no matter how much damage they take.

They return to the Mongrelmen complex only to find out that Ellavorn is on death's door and will soon pass from this world. Before he dies he bestows his sword "Moonclaw" on Findor and the blade bonds itself to him through great pain, Findor almost passing out from the pain of the binding. He whispers to Findor before he dies that the blade will be needed when Nemarzark and his allies comes for them because it has powerful magics laid upon it to fight shapechangers. After they burn Ellavorn's body they find a scroll with a note to the party on it.

It says "My friends, the mongrelmen shaman has told me that I will not survive the infernal poison in my body so I must tell you more than I planned. I know some of you didnt ask for this burden I have placed upon you but I have faith that you will do the right thing and continue the fight against The Third Eye. I suspect that Nemazark's interest in the lost temple is more than just obtaining items of power but it has something to do with his ambitions to rise to power within The Third Eye but I don't yet know what it is. You must reach the temple and uncover whatever secret his seeks there. I will not be able to guide you from this point on but if you survive and escape the Steppes of Eris make for the Dwarven stronghold of Orthex, East of the Stepples and seek out Derakus Hammerfold. Show him Moonclaw and he will know I am dead and that I have bestowed the blade upon you and that he should trust you. I have made a deal with Mongrelmen to guide you safely out of the Steppes once you return, should you return. Good luck and may your paths lead you to the vales of harmony." "Arrrggg!!!"

Having kept their word with the Mongrelmen and after resting the party approaches the blue crystal door and see no obvious way to open it. Eldrin inspects the door and sees tiny floating runes in the crystal and taps into the dark powers he possesses from his infernal pacts and is able to decipher the runes as notes. After some trial and error he performs an eerily haunting tune and the doors open. Beyond they are assaulted with oppressive heat and an expertly worked tunnel.

As they start down the passageway they bid farewell to their mongrelmen allies and close the door behind them. After several hours of travel they come upon a break in the passageway where some geological disturbance has broken the tunnel shifting it 50 feet higher across a 10 foot chasm that falls away out of sight with a red glow at the bottom. On the opposite wall are several holes in the stone wall roughly 5-7 feet in diameter. They decide to tie a rope to Lyra and have her jump the chasm and climb up to far wall with a rope for the others. Enhanced by Joran's magic and Eldrins inspiring words she effortlessly makes her way across into one of the holes on the other side. As she is making her way to climb up she hears something stirring down the hole she is in and looks back to her horror to see a large grinning child like face coming towards her. With a cry of alarm she scrambles out of the tunnel as the creature claws its way towards her. Abscondias throws a dagger at it only to watch it pass harmlessly through its body but Findor's magic missiles slam into it forcing a scream and lava like blood from it. Lyra climbs up the wall as it leaps towards the party but stumbles and falls out of sight below screaming and grinning the whole way. This stirs others of its kind as 3 more start climbing toward the desperate party. All end up falling as they are assailed with magic from the party. They have a short reprieve but see hundreds more of the creatures climbing up the shaft but they escape up through the broken passage.

At the end of the passage they can see sunlight spilling through cracks in the walls but the passageway has collapsed and seems to supported by two 7 foot tall statues of elven women with longswords run through their stomachs. Abscondias investigates only to be surprised when the statues come to life and attack him. Most magic harmlessly bounces off of them but Magic Missiles and Eldritch Bolts hammer away at the statues as the group fights the constructs off. After they destroy the constructs they are able to make their way past them into the Steppes beyond.

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As the party exits from the secret passage from the Mongrelmen's lair they are assaulted by a very different landscape and even hotter environment. The whole area looks as if some great explosion blasted away the rocks and melted them mid explosion. The landscape almost looks like waves on the ocean frozen in a moment in time. Fearing pursuit by the Lava Children the group pushes deeper into the wasteland and make camp for the day under the shelter of some of the larger blasted rock formations. As night falls and they are breaking camp they all hear what sounds like thunder but the sound is persistent. Joran looks West to see a wall of darkness as far as can see blotting out the moonlight and landscape around them. He soon realizes this must be some sort of sand storm and from some of his research at his monastery he suspects it is a wild sand storm, a relic of the magics that blasted this land. He quickly tells the party that any exposure to this event will scour the skin right off their bodies and they quickly huddle together under the rock face. As the storm slams into them they can only see the person to either side of them as giant swarms of alien insects try to devour their flesh. Luckily the party has enough offensive magic to drive off the swarms and ride out the storm.

Later that night they set out across the lifeless wasteland. Seeing no signs of water or life they are quick to request water be created by Joran magically to sustain them through the day. The following day they find short densely canopied trees to take shelter from the days sun as the temperatures reach over 115 degrees. After a day of fitful resting and during the early hours of night they again start to break camp and soldier on as the ground erupts beneath them and a 20 foot long giant scorpion emerges for its night time hunting. Luckily for it the food has come to it. Abscondias is quickly snatched up in the pincers of the monstrosity and is being crushed to death as the scorpion ravages the party with its other claw and stinger laden with a virulent poison. Lyra is almost cut in half by the pincers after being subjected to the poison of the scorpions stinger. Luckily this group has fought together enough that are able to respond fast enough to free Lyra and Abscondias from the creature as Lyra drives her greatsword through its skull. After harvesting poison from the stinger and meat from the carcass the group continues towards their destination.

At the beginning of the following day the party stands of the precipice of a large canyon that is littered with ruined (not wrecked) ships. They ask themselves why all these ships could be here and why the ships are not wrecks as many of them are falling apart but mostly intact. At the center of the canyon they see a large black monolith that seems to change size and dimensions as they stare at it. Realizing that the monolith is marking the location of the lost temple they press on into the canyon. They decide to investigate one of the wrecked ships on the canyon floor and peer inside the captains room of one of the ships to see the skeletal remains of the captain in ruined chainmail but wearing a white gold crown like circlet with a ruby in the center (that detects as magic) and lying across his lap a large single edged battle axe that seems to have resisted the test of time. As they make their way into the ship the skeleton comes to life (to no ones surprise) and lets out a terrible lifeless cry that sends Findor fleeing in terror and summons long dead sailors from the earth to fight for the undead monstrosity. The battle is short but furious as the undead menace is put down by the group and they claim their booty, a magical circlet of blasting and a executioner's axe.

As they stand before the monolith they think back to the book that Nemazark had Joran translate and realize that the phrase they translated was in fact a key word to accessing the temple through the monolith so Joran attempts to speak phrase in ancient primordial and manages to not pull an Ash. A face of the obelisk disappears and they see a square staircase cut into the stone descending down into the earth. They follow it for about a mile and come onto a landing with an archway before it where the massive doors have been sundered and lay in ruins all around them. Beyond they see an amphitheater like cathedral several hundred feet high that appears to have been subjected to some incredible force as stone benches and the ceiling lay scattered around. The room is dominated in the center by a 50 foot tall stone statue of a demonic looking octopus, in its forehead is a blue crystal or gem with seven rays that is pulsing with blue light. No magic is emanating from it and as they approach the sacrificial alter they are attacked by the fallen worshipers of The Whisperer of Impossible Secrets in the form of Ghouls. After killing the Ghouls they proceed down the only passageway not blocked by rubble and stone and they see a perfectly circular 10 feet wide passage with spirals that run the length of it.

At the end of the tunnel they find another chamber that seems to be ovoid in shape. There is a 10 foot wide ledge that runs around the outside and the center is filled with a briny water. Four 5 feet wide stone ramps lead to the center of the room where a seven pointed blue star is etched in a 50 wide circular platform with a 15 wide well in its center. On the far side they see a natural looking cave adorned at the back by a massive bronze door with images and runes. Lying on the stone floor in front of the door is a very large snake looking skeleton with a human skull.

On the right of the room they see a stone stairway leading up to a small balcony and they decide to investigate that first. As the stairs wind up to the balcony they see an empty stone pool, an archway leading into small receiving room, and a table that seems to be designed to lock a humanoid's neck into the surface just exposing the head above the table. Beyond the archway they see a large chamber flanked by two others that may have served as the living, dining, and recreation rooms for the owner. It contains various throw pillows (filled with spongy, dry moss), alien looking artistic sculptures with small white pulsing crystals in them. Abscondias, ever curious, touches one of the stones and is compelled with overwhelming curiosity to touch everything but manages to fight off the urges. In the room to the left of the archway they see a dessicated body that seems to be the remains of long dead Grimlock. As Lyra approaches it her mind is assailed by an unknown force and she cries out in pain as the head of the Grimlock explodes and a small creature with legs leaps onto her face. She manages to stop the creature from burrowing into her skull but falls unconscious at the effort. The party is terrified and surprised by this creature as Eldrin is similarly assailed and is knocked out. Abscondias, grabs the Circlet of Blasting off of Joran's head and activates it striking the tiny creature full on incinerating it and leaving only ash behind.

As they continue their investigation of this abode they find an advanced alchemical lab with several powerful potions, a strange menagerie of cultural artifacts from different races, a glass sword as hard as steel (a Psychic Blade), some ancient lost spells in a scroll tube, a study filled with books written in a language that no one can understand (except through Eldrin's magical sight) and a closet filled with strange fitting robes with the symbol of The Third Eye. Speculations fly as to the meaning of this discovery as they reflect back on Ellavorn's words that Nemazark was seeking out this temple for something more than magical treasures. On the back wall they see a strange painting that is pure white except for a title in the forgotten language of the former master of this room that says "Beyond the Pale." After concentrating for some time Edrin's magical sight reveals the former master of this room in the blank painting to be an Illithid, or in common terms a Mind Flayer named Yharaschrik. More speculation flies as they realize that the progenitor's of The Third Eye were Mind Flayers and they may still be the ultimate masters of the organization.


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