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Friday Night Summer 5E Sticky Thread

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Friday Night Summer 5E Sticky Thread
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We'll use this thread as a resource for notes, campaign info, etc.

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Most all of this was copied from an excellent compilation made by Dan. I'll make edits to it as needed.

The City of Vermistadt in the Land of Moog

Campaign Background Information

The Royal Palace and other Institutions of Vermisdadt

The Queen of the City State of Vermisdat Caelfyrnael The Green Lady, Queen of Spring, The Emerald Witch, Her Most Benevolent and Serene Majesty Caelfyrnael the Dread Queen of Vermistadt is not only one of the most powerful wizards within the city itself but also rules the city with an iron fist. Now, most would say that because they fear her spies and assassins, widely held to be hiding everywhere in the city. Open rebellion of any sort is not tolerated and is crushed relentlessly and mercilessly whenever detected. Her spies and assassins roam the city in disguise watching for any sign of open (or even not so open) rebellion and will take action or inform the queen of any such activity in short order so that she may unleash her guards and assassins on any and all who would dare question her authority to meet out justice and punishment as deemed necessary in order to maintain her iron grip on power within the city of Vermistdat.

The Summer Witch Maethnir sister to the Dread Queen Caelfyrnael She resides in her own apartments within the sprawling fortress or in her other holdings. Those who dare speculate on such matters might suggest that, though the Dread Queen is indeed fearsome, that her sister the Summer Witch Maethnir is considerably more adept at the deep magics.

The Queen’s Guard answer directly to the queen herself and represent her authority in the city of Vermistadt. They wear their own distinctive uniform consisting of leather pants and colorful jerkins emblazoned with the Queen’s heraldry. The royal guard are both well trained and disciplined and exert their authority within the city when necessary to maintain order and to ensure that the queen’s proclamations and laws are obeyed. They also openly wear armor and carry weapons and enforce the laws that state that it is illegal to do so except for reasonable self defense purposes in order to minimize the possibilities of open insurrection. Numerous guard houses and barracks are located throughout the city at strategic intervals but the main barracks and garrison is located in the Queen’s fortress and palace complex ready to sally forth on a moment’s notice to man the walls, face an enemy force or quell an uprising or revolt within the city itself.

The Royal Academy of Vermisdadt is the primary educational college of Vermisdadt and center of research, history, mathematics, and scholarly enlightenment in general but is only open to those fortunate enough to afford its tuition costs, which precludes most of the population of Vermisdadt aside from the wealthy and elite aristocracy or those fortunate enough to have risen above the rampant squalor found in abundance within the city. The Acadamy is an excellent place to procure a Sage or do one’s own research if one is so inclined.

The Grand Library of Vermistadt houses an elaborate and impressive collection of scholarly works and is maintained by those interested in preserving the history, culture and knowledge of the city and the land of Moog. It is considered an institution of the City State of Vermistdat and is funded and maintained by the powers that be. It is also another excellent place to procure a Sage or do one’s own research if one is so inclined.

Neighborhoods of Vermisdadt

Vermistadt has fourteen distinct neighborhoods some of which are described below:

The Devils’s Breakfast Table This is a very rough and seedy neighborhood in a bad part of town which is home to various competing gangs of thugs and petty criminals run by several competing crime lords. These operations all feature larcenous activity including but not limited to multiple rackets (protection, extortion, gambling etc.), prostitution, drugs, and the theft, sale, smuggling and disposal of all manner of illicit wares and items of value. As a result, all manner of murderers, cutthroats, and other low-born villains reside here and work for the various gangs or compete with them as independants in areas where the gang’s control is not as tight. This is home to the Sikorsky Delve which holds a potential hidden entrance to the lost city of Hollowheim below the level of the sewers.

Personages and organizations within the Devil’s Breakfast Table:

The Weaselly Ferrets are a small group of thugs and petty criminals that control a four block area of the Devil’s Breakfast Table including the territory where the Sikorsky building is located. They run numerous prostitution, protection and gambling rackets within their territory and answer to their ogre boss Big Slick who in turn answers to his boss Oranishi

Big Slick is the Ogre boss who runs the Weaselly Ferrets and a few other criminal gangs and works for his boss Oranishi.

Oranishi is a powerful crime lord who controls a large part of the Devil’s Breakfast Table using his hired thugs and criminal organization to control numberous of racketeering operations in the neighborhood.

Butcher Town Butcher Town is one of the few exceptional neighborhoods in Vermistdat, where a nobleman of long, distinguished lineage maintains the peace for Her Most Benevolent and Serene Majesty. In this district Baron Johannes Hirtzelteuber is responsible for arming his men and the local militia. The Queen’s guard rarely enter this area except on occasion since it has its own police force who are active in patrolling the neighborhood (particularly in the market district) in order to keep street crime to a minimum. Long ago before the city grew so large, this was an outlying borough or town with its own leadership, walls, gates and its own militia force to maintain law and order and vestiges of those institutions and structures remain today within the sprawling city. Butcher Town is one of the nicer working middle class neighborhoods of Vermistadt situated along the river opposite the less affluent Dumfries across the bridges.

Personages and Organizations in Butcher Town:

Baron Johannes Hirtzelteuber the swordsman and famed adventurer of the legendary Young Rascals mercenary group is widely esteemed for his skill with the blade.

The Young Rascals the mercenary group that runs Butcher Town – they often recruit locals of renown to join their ranks and are allowed to carry arms and wear armor in the city as they are the local police force for their neighborhood. They used to be the military force that controlled the borough and walled town of Butcher Town before it was engulfed by and incorporated into the city of Vermisdadt as the city grew. There seal consists of a capital “YR” often stamped in wax on official documents.

Gregor Delfolt is a merchant in the neighborhood that sells various wares.

Dieter Schwarzengruben is the local apothecary healing spells and potions can be obtained here for a price.

Volker Hoppenheimer is a low level beggar spy/informant who works for the Beggar’s Guild (spies and information brokers) and answers to the Beggar King.

Norbert Hoover is a very low level beggar that may work for the Guild (though if so is a low level informant). He is said to be amateurish and have multiple personalities by some. He pointed us in the right direction for finding info about the Beggar’s Guild fence listed below. He also told us that this was probably too nice of a neighborhood to find an independent beggar.

Tsu Young runs a fence operated by the Beggars Guild on 718 Lower Felding right across the river from the Dumfries district on the river next to the bridge. We were told by a reliable source that they may be able to purchase items from us, particularly those of questionable legality and may have items of value of varied interest for sale as well. They are said to be connected to a vast network of other fences (our thieves told us that they are likely a guild fencing operation run by the Beggar’s Guild.)

The Dumfries District This is a rough crime ridden neighborhood consisting of docks, warehouses, tanners, fish mongers, and other riverside industries across the river from Butcher Town. It is also home to numerous mariners, fishermen, smugglers, pirates, and other nere do-wells of the sea faring sort and is rife with murderers, cutthroats, and other low-born villains

Blighting (the Coliseum district) The Royal Coliseum in Blighting is one of the city’s noted landmarks and many adventurers and mercenaries have gotten their start in the pits. The district hosts a number of Gladiatorial arenas complete with hard-won glory and fabulous cash prizes.

Klaus Konigsman is the current Champion of the Gladiatorial Pits though many would argue that gladiatorial sport does not compare with the daring do of adventuring and mercenary work.

The Wizard Faustus Niederlitz who’s chief rival is Rambrecht Hofsetter, resides in the Coliseum district and is equally admired for his magical abilities.

The Ten Markets Neighborhood This is the primary business and market district within the city. When one is looking for something to purchase this is the place to go.

Rambrecht Hofstetter The learned understand that the wizard Rambrecht Hofstetter whose tower lies in the Ten Markets neighborhood is virtually unsurpassed in the Magical Arts.

Blackhill This is another rough neighborhood in Vermisdadt and is rife with crime due to the numerous murderers, cutthroats, and other low-born villains that roam its dark and squalid streets.

Grievinghall This was formerly the old fishing village outside of the city before it expanded and is now the principle port of Vermistadt. One can also find considerable sport in the prize fighting and wrestling that takes place within Grievinghall. Most of these events take place in the large taverns of the old fishing village, now the principle port of Vermistadt. Larger events are scheduled in the Royal Gymnasium also located in Grievinghall and frequently large cash prizes are awarded to the victors of such contests of strength and might.

Other Personages of Vermistdadt

The dwarf Baragon the Bald carries a fierce reputation as being a slayer of both men and fell beasts.

The master duelist Elendaine Swiftwing is also a terrible foe, known throughout the city for his skill with the rapier.

Lord Mandred Falkenheim Again, we must discount the Dread Queen and her vast estate and holdings, but beyond Her Most Benevolent and Serene Majesty, the richest person in the land must surely be Lord Mandred Falkenheim. Lord Falkenheim is of course the patriarch of the great Falkenheim family, the first name in the gold and mineral trade so closely associated with Vermistadt.

Religions and Temples in the City of Vermistadt

The land of Moog and the denizens of Vermistadt are engaged in the never ending struggle between Law and Chaos. This is reflected in their deities. There are six temples in Vermistadt and the priests there can often be found administering to the sick and needy, though a tribute of gold talons is typically a requirement. Most neighborhoods have a practicing alchemist or two that you should get to know.

Law, Chaos and the Dark Deities of Vermistadt

Players should note that Moog is a rather humorous world, filled with a lot of grim folk who generally take themselves way too seriously and haven't been let in on the joke. The Gods of Law are at best neutral, though C'pu is Good, or at least when she's in a good mood. There are of course dozens upon dozens of petty Gods not named here and those may or may not actually exist. No one is really sure how the Gods of Chaos came into being, but they are certainly more active than the Gods of Law.

Great Ourbosas, She Who Soars in the Void, Maker of All Things - The Creator, a terrifying being only worshipped by mad men, and of course dragons which are her children

Often referred to as the Watcher and the Five. Their symbol is a five-sided star with an eye in the center. Occasionally, only the eye or the star will be used.

C'pu (SEE-poo) - The Mother: the principle mother goddess of Moog
Axyay Gr'gg (ax-EE-uh-grig) - The Wizard: the dark god of sorcery, treasure, wealth, knowledge, dungeons and dark places
Sear'n On (SEER-en-on) - The Scholar: the dark god of knowledge, invention and enlightenment
Helmso (HELM-so) - The Knight: the bloody-handed god of justice, honor and battle
Vat Oldy M'm (VAT-old-ee-mum) - The Laughing Man: the god of luck and the downtrodden
Mentrekfranz (Men-TREK-fronz) - The Monk: the god of wisdom, valor, and the patron god of henchmen

Eight are their number and the worshipers often display an 8-sided star of spears.

Nibbl'arume (NIB-lah-room) - the two headed god of greed, lies and betrayal
Amorales I' Rillw'n (AH-mor-ah-layz EE-ril-win) - the god of death
Coonem'tok (COON-meh-tock) - the Young Prince of the Nine Hells
The Great Horned Rat God - this god is worshiped by the Skaven (the rat men)
Nergal - God of Filth and Decay
Korn - God of War and Bloodshed
Tzeentch - God of Void Magic
Slaanesh - God of Vice

Other Organizations, Guilds, and NPCs for hire within the City

The Sisterhood of Our Lady of Mercy When one has to find cures for conditions such as poison, disease, curse, level drain, lycanthropy, polymorph, alignment change, death, undeath, they need only turn to the Sisterhood of Our Lady of Mercy that administers to the poor and others in the Temple of C’pu are known for being the most benevolent healers in the city. Supplicants are rarely turned away, though some may not willingly agree to their price, nor the tenets of the Faith of C’pu.

Mage’s Guilds in the City of Vermistadt There are a few in fact, and players may apply for consideration at such time as they can demonstrate the ability to cast second level spells. The Esoteric order of the Dragon is the most highly regarded and consequently the most selective. The Consorts of the Lady are firmly aligned with the Dread Queen and her court. Though they enjoy much largesse within the city due to their status, the Consorts are not entirely an independent organization and are often regarded as nothing other than talented thralls. The Ancient Order of the Laughing Mage is a pseudo religious order and secret society which adheres to the teachings of Vat Oldy M’m. A number of noteworthy magi are members of this guild, Faustus Niederlitz being the most well-known. The Silent Fellowship, another secret society with a presence throughout the Duchy seems to be actively working against the crown which is off-putting to say the least, at least within Vermistadt itself. Membership is widespread and it’s a common belief that both Rambrecht Hofstetter and Dietmar Tolzen are among the leadership.

Alchemists, sages and other expert NPCs Vermistadt has fourteen distinct neighborhoods and most support an Alchemist. The Royal Academy and the Grand Library of Vermistadt are both excellent places to procure a Sage or do one’s own research if one is so inclined.

Mercenaries and Men at Arms for hire Mercenaries may be found throughout the city. Generally speaking, it’s best to hire criers and post notices while working the local taverns in order to attract the best candidates. Certain neighborhoods are best avoided due to the scoundrels and lowlife that reside there. On the other hand, if you’re actively seeking murderers, cutthroats, and other low-born villains well then Blackhill, the Dumfries and the Devil’s Breakfast Table might be where you should be focusing your recruiting efforts.

Secret societies with sinister agendas one could join and/or fight There are quite a few secret societies vying for control of the city who are all embroiled in an endless struggle for power, but they are so numerous that it would be deserving of its own post. This is a massive city so intrigue and "sinister agendas" are sort of stock and trade. The Ancient Order of the Laughing Mage and The Silent Fellowship mentioned above certainly have agendas that players may find themselves aligned against though some groups may wish to align themselves. Within the neighborhoods, there is generally an organization or two that holds power and certainly presents a challenge or opportunity for the players. Some of these groups like the Young Rascals are rightly famous and known throughout the city. Other are more secretive like the Minions of the Beggar king.

Law and Order in the City of Vermistadt There are many place within the city where swords are illegal, magic is outlawed, and if one does not handle him or herself properly they can find themselves on the wrong end of the law within Vermistdadt. The Law in the city is quite harsh and armed folk of low-born status, which is almost everyone really, are considered a threat to civil society. Insurrections can begin with the single thrust of a war sword and the Dread Queen does not allow folk to travel Her streets in armor, brandishing weapons of war. Certainly the Watch are exempt from this edict and are found throughout the city. There are a few exceptional neighborhoods, where a nobleman of long, distinguished lineage maintains the peace for Her Most Benevolent and Serene Majesty. In these districts, the noble is responsible for arming his men and the local militia. This certainly creates an opportunity where thieves might expect to profit, should they be successful in evading the Watch or the Militia. To that end, no Gentleman, not even one who is of low-birth is forced to walk the streets unarmed. Daggers, rapiers and flintlock pistols are considered fashionable and along with cudgels and quarterstaffs give no offense, nor pose little threat to Her Majesty’s peace. Similarly, leather jerks, outer garments and the like maybe worn with no more than a buckler. Wanton sorcery is considered an affront to civil society and imposes an extra level of Circumstance when employed in the commission of any crime. Of course, those who are in a proper Wizard’s Guild are not as concerned so long as one does not burn down an Inn or the like.

Taverns and Inns in Vermistadt Which way to the nearest tavern you might ask? Out the door, and left down Leasing Street, then take the 2nd alley on the left. Stairs up at that point lead you to the Randy Ferret and it’s a proper tavern for the locals. Since you’re clearly not from Butchertown, you may wish to keep walking on Leasing ‘til you hit Tanner’s Way, bearing right there. Just a few short steps you’ll see Handsome Molley’s a fine inn for visitors such as yourself. This is just one of many such drinking establishments to be found within the city.

The Local Cuisine of Vermistadt Vermistadt is a river town that's grown into a thriving city so fish, eel and mussels are still found in abundance. A wide variety of goat cheeses are also popular among the populace. Salted shiners, pickled and wrapped in brown bread is a local favorite.

Legendary lost treasures within the City of Vermistadt Beneath the very cobblestones of Vermistadt itself, the buried city of Hollowheim awaits the bold explorer. Abandoned by the dwarves in ages past, Hollowheim has 5 known entrances, 4 of which are fiercely guarded by certain organizations. There are rumors of other means of egress, but these secret entrances are either jealously guarded or lost and forgotten. One need look no further than the fabled city of Hollowheim beneath the city for the nearest dragon or other monsters with Type H treasure. Hollowheim is rumored to be crawling with dragons and other fell beasts.

Subterranean Adventuring Locations in Vermistadt

Legendary Underground city below Vermistadt reputed to have been built by dwarves but later overrun by the Skaven, a race of humanoid rat men. There are only five known entrances into the legendary deeps of Hollowheim most of which are well guarded and very expensive to access (several hundred or more gold piece entry fee). One lesser entry is known to be below the Zellagon Building accessed through an underground complex called Quazquetn (beneath the level of the sewers) built by the famous and long dead adventurers Zellagon and Rogan though the complex may pre-date those two. Another unknown lesser entrance is rumored to be below the Sikorsky building and accessed from what is known as the Sikorsky Delve but little is widely known about this entrance.

Quatzquetn (a.k.a. B1 In Search of Avdventure)
Somewhere beneath the building is a treasure hidden in a pool of water.
The entrance to Hollowheim is somewhere in the rear of the complex beneath the tower above.
The very walls of the place s…..???
One room contains a statue to Oumatok Prince of the Nine Hells (we have seen this)

The Sikorsky Delve
This dungeon complex is located beneath the Sikorsky Building in the Devil’s Breakfast Table in an area run by the Weaselly Ferrets who work for their Ogre boss Big Slick. This is in reality Dyson’s Delve posted here:

Beyond the City of Vermistdadt

The Town of Isendorf Beyond the city gates, Dietmar Tolzen, the Archmage of Isendorf is reckoned to be a wizard of unsurpassed lore and arcane acumen.

The Black Wyrm of Cragnaowan is a plague upon the country folk living in the low hills northwest of Ründfell. The demise of that fell beast would certainly profit its slayer.

The Beastlord of the Southern Gloamingwood is also a notorious villain, sending frequent war parties to harry villages throughout the Duchy.

Regional Politics beyond the City there are currently no wars brewing beyond the city where one could go fight as mercenaries. Things are quite peaceful here in the Duchy. The last war of significance was during your Grandfather’s time and took place in another region of the Olde Empire. It was quite a long and sordid affair concerning land disputes and the rights of succession of some Duke or Lordling. Mercenaries from Vermistadt were involved, but history suggests that the Dread Queen remained neutral.


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Mythology of Moog
And so it was before the sun burned bright in the Void that Great Ourbosas, She Who Soars in the Void, Maker of All Things, brought forth a shimmering and perfect egg. “BEHOLD,” she spoke unto the nameless spirits that attended her “HERE IS MY MOST PERFECT AND DREADFUL DAUGHTER, AND WITH HER I AM WELL PLEASED.”

Casting their eyes upon the magnificent egg and the unborn godling contained within, the obedient Amesha roared and capered with great, and rousing approval. There were however among the Amesha, five rather disgruntled and relatively bored spirits who were never as attentive as Great Ourbosas would have liked, and seeing their feigned disinterest at the presentation of her heir, set her into a rage.

“I CAST THEE DOWN LAGGARDS. DOWN FROM ON HIGH. DOWN UPON THE SURFACE OF THE MOOG EGG SHALL YE ABIDE UNTIL MY BLESSED DAUGHTER ROUSES HERSELF FROM HER GREAT SLUMBER.” Thus spoke the Great Dragon Goddess and behold the five were made small, given weak forms and made to crawl upon the face of the Egg of Moog until the End of Days.

Then did Great Ourbosas belch forth a mighty gout of God Flame and thus was the sun lit so that it might warm the Egg in the Void. Then, did She Who Soars in the Void command that shimmering jewels should be hung in the sky so that the Moog godling would not grow bored with the limitless and featureless Void around her, and thus break free from her Egg before the appointed time. The obedient Amesha leapt into the reaches of the Void hanging the stars as the Great Dragon Goddess bade them. All save C’Pu, First Among the Amesha who was given the task of watching over the slothful five, ever mindful that they should make but little mischief on the Egg, nor escape through some trickery or spell.

Thus was Moog created and the lesser gods imprisoned. On the second day of Moog, were born the great dragons, the lesser children of Ourbosas who sprang forth from the dark places of the Moog Egg and multiplied in great numbers. In the Great Days of Boredom that came after, as the Moog Egg hung in the Void, so then did the gods fall to bickering among themselves and so they crafted many servants to entertain them. The servitors of the gods; men, elves and dwarves, soon fell to fighting among themselves, as the lesser gods had hoped all along, being fond of petty violence and bloodshed. This continued for an Age until C’pu, who had always had a soft spot for the elves, brokered a peace between man and elf.

The dwarves however were having none of this peace stuff and continued to make war to the delight of Helmso and Sear’n On, until C’pu taught them the joys of mining and gem-cutting. This worked for a time. Soon enough though, the dwarves, being petty and small-minded, not unlike the lesser gods really, decided that the lands of Men and Elf had nicer deposits of ore and gemstones. Finally C’pu came to realize that the dwarves remained committed to violence, grudge-holding and a general attitude of poor sportsmanship and envy. Even the dragons were complaining at this point and the Five had grown bored again and were no longer paying close attention, so C’pu seeing no other choice, summoned the dwarven lords and their emissaries to her great temple. There she taught the dwarves the deep magics of distilling and brewing and at last, their greed and avarice were appeased or besotted depending on which side of the conflict you ask.

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A summary of house rules and setting information for players in the world of Moog.

Moog is based on the Old World of WHFRPG and thus, derived from 0E D&D for which it was originally conceived. PCs are limited to Human, Elf (No drow please), Halfling and Dwarf. I suppose a few fancy-pants Half Elves are running around Moog so, sure, why not. The other PC races in the PHB either do not exist in Moog (Dragonborn live in Skyrim) or are Bad Guys™. Human ethnicity is a roleplaying element and has no stats bonus, do choose one and ham it up though. The vast majority of Humans are Empireals of vaguely Germanic/Anglo stock with germanic and saxon names (the more outrageous, the better). There are wandering tribes of Ardahune barbarians who are dark, brooding Cimmerian types living beyond the glaciers to the North. The Norsc folk are pillaging viking people who are a sea-fairing race from the islands and fjords far to the west. East of the Gloomingwald lies the chivalrous lands of Avelon, realm of knightly do-gooding types.

I have an awesome WHFRP name generator if you want to use it for inspiration or random generation.

Play begins at 1st level with max HP.

27 Point Buy p.13 PHB

Neutral or Good please. The entire party must approve the choice of Paladin as it limits the party's ethics for the entire campaign.

Choose your background and worry about the personality trait, ideals, bonds and flaws at your leisure (or even roll them randomly). Most adventurers die in their very first encounter in Moog anyway so, no need in getting too touchy-feely with your new special snowflake until he or she have earned it.

Your starting kit is provided by class and background. Rolling up gold and purchasing individual items takes too long.

Multiclassing: Sure, if you want to I guess. It's not really in the spirit of an 0E setting but if it makes you happy, knock yourself out.
Feats: See above.

To Be Conintued As I Plow Through the DMG

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