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Rise of the Runelords Resource Thread

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Rise of the Runelords Resource Thread
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Post Rise of the Runelords Resource Thread Reply with quote
  1. No 3rd Party stuff (this keeps the game reasonably balanced).
  2. Most Archetypes are allowed, some are a bit broken though, so ask.
  3. Good Guy characters.
  4. Max starting HPs, then average HP per level. This makes for far less whining and is good, old fashioned, RPG Socialism.
  5. 150 gp to start the game. You may buy magic items (if you can afford them, potions, scrolls, wtvr) to start the game.
  6. Retraining Rules from UC are in play except there is no need to find "some random NPC to teach you toughness" for example (DUMB). You pays your gp, you's gets yo' retraining.
  7. Item Purchasing & Ye Olde Magic Store. The party should enjoy access to Magnimar for much if not most of the campaign, but do note that it isn't a Metropolis so the GP limit will start mattering at some point. I'm using the aforementioned Pathfinder Society book for availability and city rules from the Gamemastery book.
  8. No character may purchase a firearm unless she possesses the Gunsmithing feat. I'd rather limit firearms to those rare Gunslinger types. I hate firearms in Golarian.
  9. Pathfinder FAQ when we have a rules question.
  10. XPs won't be used but rather, PCs will advance via Milestone leveling.
  11. Your Go To Source For Rules Just make sure the thing you are referencing is legit, Paizo rules and not 3rd party. As a general rule, if it's specific to an Adventure Path (other than Jade Regent), it's quite likely an optional rule and I'll have to take a look at it.
  12. No D&D 3.5 stuff. PF basically takes 3.5 and tries to make a more playable game out of it. Bringing in the broken stuff from 3.5 is generally a bad idea.
  13. Traits are required and you get 2 of them. Both tell us about what your character was doing before the story and possibly, what his upbringing was like. You can't retrain these. Pick a campaign trait from the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Player's Guide and one from the common trait list (ignoring the 3rd party traits).
  14. Dead dudes get a proper viking funeral (if not raised) and turn their goods over to their relevant NPC. Your new PC rolls up at the level of your previous dude with gear and magic items equal to the current average WBL. There will be blood.
  15. If you don't show up on Agreed Upon Game Night DM Tony or DM Derrick will run your character in as fair a way as possible. There will be no DM immunity in these cases.
  16. If your attendance becomes spotty, you may be asked to retire from this campaign. It takes a lot of time to adjust encounters for a large group and is hugely annoying when that time is wasted.
  17. DM Derrick will handle most of the character sheets. He only needs to know what is being changed when your character levels up. Please don't go deep into the weeds with extremely detailed selections of common goods as it takes forever to enter that stuff in Herolabs.
  18. No Coin weight.
  19. gold pieces, jewelry, gems, art objects may serve as material for magic item crafting.
  20. PCs who are crafters sell their items to other PCs at 75% retail.
  21. Blood Money does not function as a wand, scroll or any other magic item and should have an agreed upon gp cap (your thoughts? discuss in main thread please). Cannot be used in conjunction with the spells: Permanency, Raise Dead, or Resurrection. Awesome spell that should remain in the game, but needs better limits, otherwise it's far too easy to throw off what little balance the game has via PC WBL (wealth by level).
  22. The Gods will be active in this one, so no sneaking the old Infernal Healing while the Paladin/Cleric, etc isn't looking. It's immersion-breaking.
  23. No Leadership feat available; too many players.
  24. Telrond was the last known living Summoner on Golarion. It would be fine in a smaller group that isn't playing online. Besides the various broken aspects of the class, it slows the game down tremendously.
  25. No Gunslingers I just don't like that class.
  26. No Drawbacks allowed.
  27. Given the trade route between Magnimar, Kalsgard and Tian Xia, Eastern Equip and Eastern-flavored characters are fine.
  28. No special cards for Fumbles and Crits this time since it slows the game down without adding enough imo. I like them, but I don't think they work in an online game.
  29. Sacred Summons is ruled AS WRITTEN, but if you take the additional feat Summon Good Monster (or one of the other 2 as it applies to you) you may add THOSE monsters that match your deity's alignment subtype to the Sacred Summons list. This seems to be a reasonable compromise.
  30. Variant Multiclass IS allowed and may be combined with normal multiclassing. In that case, you would not be able to take levels in the class you chose as your VMC at 1st level.

I've highlighted the major changes from the last campaign.
I may have some more to add to this before we kick off on Sunday. By all means ask questions now.


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Ten Facts About Goblins

It wouldn't hurt to familiarize yourself with those.

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